Triple Strand Feathered Friend Fetish Necklace

By Sheldon & Nancy Westika

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Sheldon and Nancy Westika come from the greater Johnny Quam (d) and Quandelacy family of renowned Zuni Pueblo artists. Nancy's mother was noted jeweler Anne Gasper Quam (d) who learned jewelry making from her father Johnny Quam (d). Anne's sister was Ellen Quandelacy (d).

It's always a privilege to offer fetish necklaces by the Westika's. Each individualized feathered friend has drilled and darkened with jet paste eyes. They average in size from approximately 5/8" long to 1 1/8" long, carved from cheerful materials such as spiny oyster shell, turquoise, gold lip mother-of-pearl shell, Picasso marble, marble, serpentine, black lip shell and perhaps sodalite. They're securely strung in an appealing cascading manner along with high quality baby olive heishe shell beads. The overall length of this outstanding and collectible triple strand fetish necklace is about 26". The Westika's sterling silver signature label is attached. Please click here to learn about how to identify fake fetish necklaces.

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