Zuni Travertine Sheep

By Enrike Leekya

Animal: Sheep, Material: Zuni Travertine
This offering is sold.

Enrike Leekya comes from a fabulous family line of Zuni Pueblo artists, descending from noted and famous fetish carver Leekya Deyuse (d). Enrike's father is carver Freddie Leekya and his mother is jeweler April Unkestine.

Enrike enjoys carving in a rich material indigenous to the Zuni Pueblo area, called Zuni travertine sometimes referred to as Zuni stone or Zuni rock. It's a non-crystalline travertine found in amazing yellow, brown and grey hues. Leekya Deyuse (d) was especially noted for carving in this stone, which his descendants like Enrike do today. Gentle and strong, Enrike's great sheep has turquoise inlaid eyes and overlaid turquoise hooves. This nicely polished Zuni travertine sheep fetish is about 2 3/4" long, 1 1/4" wide and 2" tall.