Zuni Sunface Wooden Box

By Rodney Quam

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The Zuni Pueblo people believe that the Sunface symbol is good luck, as it represents balance in life: traditionally, turquoise (blue) stands for Father Sky, coral (red) stands for Mother Earth, and mother-of-pearl shell (white) and jet (black) represent all the elements in balance. Artists use their creative license and often choose different colored materials in their pieces. The Sunface is used as an offering or blessing from the artist in thanks for the medicine or spirit that it brings to us. Rodney Quam's dazzling Zuni Sunface is hand-painted with lively acrylic paints onto a wooden box with a lovely felt lining. It measures approximately 5 1/4" in diameter and is 1 1/2" deep. The inside of the box is about 4" in diameter. Signed by the artist.