Zuni Sunface & Pueblo Pyrogravure

By Cameron Kalestewa

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A feathered Zuni Sunface rises to protect and bring harmony to Zuni Pueblo and beyond. Bread baking ovens called "hornos", drying Corn, pottery jars and ladders are seen among the tiers of the pueblo. This exquisite composition was intricately burnt out, accomplished with the pyrogravure art technique which involves burning a design on a surface such as wood, with a heated object. The name pyrogravure comes from the Greek words pur and graphos meaning "writing with fire". A flowing circular border is bright with bold red, blue, white, purple and other lovely acrylic paints. At approximately 7" in diameter and 3/4" to 1 1/4" thick, a metal hook fixture is attached to this extraordinary pine woodwork to facilitate a wall-hanging if desired. Signed by the artist, Cameron Kalestewa. Extra shipping charges may apply.