"Warrior Maiden" Pendant Necklace Of Antler, Turquoise, Amethyst & Pearls

By Ray Tsalate

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Ray Tsalate's "Warrior Woman" pendant necklace is something to behold. Strung on a mouth-watering single strand of tear-drop shaped turquoise stones with energetic amethyst and pearl beads, is an incredible antler maiden ready for action.

Because she was called to battle early, her traditional hair style is unfinished. Her determined eyes are of inlaid jet with pipestone accents, and her mouth is of inlaid coral.

A fabulous small wooden arrow with a turquoise tip, and a copper bow are her accoutrement for the campaign. She's gorgeously inlaid with a serpentine and pipestone paste heartline that wraps around her. 

The total length of this museum-quality pendant necklace is about 31", while the "Warrior Maiden" herself is about 4 3/8" long and 1" wide.