Visionary Gaspeite Pendant

By Abraham Peina

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Gaspeite was described in 1966 after it was found in Quebec, Canada on the Gaspé Peninsula. The stone was named after the region. A rare nickel carbonate mineral, it is also mined in other locales including New Mexico and faraway Western Australia. Indigenous Aboriginal Peoples have held it in high regard as a vision stone with healing properties. Abraham Peina is a phenomenal jeweler who creates one of a kind pieces with special touches. A stunning gaspeite cabochon takes center stage surrounded by a gorgeous perhaps leaf or feather and 18K gold ball accents in this well-designed sterling silver pendant. The custom setting allows the natural beauty of the gemstone to shine. Signed by the artist with shooting star elements. Including bale, measurements are approximately 3 1/2" long and 1 1/2" wide. The lovely hammered silver collar is not included but is available and sold separately, please inquire.

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