Mosaic & Zuni Sunface Two-Sided Bear

By Lynn & Jayne Quam

Animal: Bear, Material: Marble
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Working together, Zuni artists Lynn and Jayne Quam carved and inlaid this wonderful two-sided marble Bear (or Medicine-Bear). An interesting landscape and night-time mosaic is made with select pieces of turquoise, jet, coral, crushed turquoise, crushed lapis, phosphosiderite, shell, spiny oyster shell, fossilized jasper, tijilite, onyx, azurite, serpentine, rhyolite and cuprite on one side. The reverse has a gloriously inlaid Zuni Sunface of turquoise, jet and pipestone, with radiating turquoise pieces that start as a heartline at the mouth area. The Sunface is a traditional symbol representing the elements in balance. With spirited eyes of inlaid turquoise, this must-have bear is roughly 6" long, 1 1/2" wide and 3 1/4" tall.