Turquoise Hummingbird Fetish Earrings

By Debra Gasper

Animal: Hummingbird, Material: Turquoise
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A Hummingbird's rapid movements startle us, focusing our attention on a unique moment and the precious wonder of now. Debra Gasper's delightfully carved two-sided turquoise hummingbird fetish earrings hang at about 2" long including hook fixtures and are 7/8" wide. Sterling silver eyes are inlaid. Debra's artistic lineage is a great one. Her parents are Dinah Gasper and Peter Gasper Sr. (d). Teddy Weahkee (d) was Dinah's grandfather, an important and major carver. Edna Leki (d) was also an iconic artist, daughter of Teddy and mother to Dinah. Debra's brother Peter Gasper Jr., also carries on in their family's rich carving tradition.