Zuni Maiden Grandmother

By Troy Sice

Animal: Maiden Grandmother, Material: Antler
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Zuni Pueblo Maidens embody feminine strength, power of creation, nurturing and wisdom. Troy Sice's museum quality artwork demonstrates his consummate carving and inlaying skills. He is an award-winning third-generation artist, the grandson of George H. CheeChee (d), nephew of Ramie and Miguel Haloo (d) and half-brother of Colvin Peina (d). He reaches back to a prehistoric Zuni Pueblo tradition in the use of antler and different stone mediums for creating animal and human forms.

A Zuni Maiden Grandmother is identified by old-style whorls of hair and is wearing a shawl, signifying she has not had a baby but has mothered many. A gorgeous gold lip shell carved feather is secured with sterling silver to intricately etched hair. Confident eyes are from inlaid pen shell and a red coral mouth speaks of time-honored ways. The smoothly burnished antler reveals soft folds of a shawl or blanket that is etched with many a Dragonfly filled with lapis, jet, serpentine and pipestone paste. It's bordered with segments of lovely coral, turquoise, lapis, serpentine, pen shell, variscite, spiny oyster shell and gold lip shell. We love the ruffled sleeves of her blouse. Mocassins or boots are inlaid with lapis accents. Dimensions of this collectible treasure are about 4 1/2" tall, 1 5/8" wide and 1 1/4" deep.

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