Trotting Sheep & Tracks Cuff Bracelet

By Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santo Domingo)

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Inside this comfortable cuff bracelet by Anthony Lovato are inspiring human and Deer footprints reminding us of the recent discoveries at White Sands National Park in southern New Mexico. There, fossilized human and animal trackways reveal life perhaps tens of thousands of years ago. Creatures like giant sloths and mammoths practically walked side by side with families that were hunting and living. Researchers at White Sands consult with modern day Pueblos from six groups. Acoma Pueblo members recounted traditional oral histories confirming their ancestors and other Indigenous ones inhabited the continent since the beginning. A commonly held mainstream theory is that humans arrived thousands of years later, toward the end of the Ice Age. Pueblo People knew they've always walked these lands and the proof is in the Tularosa Basin.

Created in the labor-intensive tufa cast method, this amazing bracelet also has wonderful trotting fluffy sheep on the outside surface. Tufa casting is an exacting jewelry process involving cutting a tufa stone in half, smoothing out both sides, etching a sprue hole on top, then carefully carving out the design in which Anthony poured in molten sterling silver. The gorgeous turquoise cabochon compliments this work of wearable art in a colorful way. This smaller collectible cuff bracelet's entire inner circumference is about 6 1/4" which includes the opening of about 1". Signed by the artist. Please click here for help in determining wrist size.

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