"The Pitcher"

By Maxx Laate

Animal: Praying Mantis, Material: Natural Branch Red Coral
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Maxx Laate talent and charismatic individuality are on full display in this amazing natural branch coral piece. No doubt inspired by the baseball glove look of the limpet shell fused to the red coral, Maxx made full use of the natural form of the coral to delicately carved a baseball pitcher frozen in mid-throw. Titled "The Pitcher, the figure holds a turquoise baseball inlaid into his throwing hand. Look close to see a focused face and details of a uniform delicately incised into the surface, including the outline of fingers tightly gripping the glove. This astounding carving is mounted on to a sterling silver base in the shape of a arrowhead point. This delicate piece measures about 2 1/8" tall with a full stride of about 2 1/2" long by 3/4" wide, at the silver base.