Table Top Mole

By Andres Quandelacy

Animal: Mole, Material: Jet
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Table top animal carvings are mostly displayed on a table top alongside a bowl containing corn pollen or cornmeal, which is kept to metaphorically feed the fetishes. This shows honor to the animals they represent and their beneficial qualities in nature. Andres Quandelacy creates wonderful table top fetishes like this smoothly sculpted jet Mole with turquoise eyes. Moles have poor eyesight yet thrive relying on their other abilities. We know deep down what is best for us, so having a fetish like this one can be a reminder to trust our instincts like a mole does. An offering bundle has angel skin coral, green turquoise and shell pieces. About 2" long, 3/4" wide and 3/4" tall.

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