Stories Within The Stone

By Peter Sohappy, New Mexican

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It's no secret that stones stories to tell but sometimes it takes a special listener to hear those stories. Peter Sohappy is one of those special people and as an amazing artist was able to bring the pictorial tale of this found stone to its surface. A pastoral scene is etched on to the surface of this rock featuring mountain goats/sheep, Batswater birds, Dragonflies, flowers and a rainbow. The idillic scene is grounded by waves of water with cattails growing at the edge while apex of the stone holds a bright shining sun. The bottom of the rock holds a potpourri of free flowing words and phrases that help in guiding your own inner ear to find the stories in the stone. This piece measures about 10" long by 2" wide and stands at about 5" tall. The found stone is lightly oiled to increase the contrast of the etchings.