Stone To Stone & Channel Inlaid Zuni Sunface Pin/Pendant

By April Unkestine

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April Unkestine is an accomplished Zuni artist, winning many awards for her high-quality and all handmade jewelry. Her latest offering is a dazzling approximate 2" wide and 2" tall slightly convex sterling silver pin/pendant.

Requiring great skill, she's taken custom cut pieces of pen shell and bright blue turquoise, setting them side by side in the difficult to do, stone-to-stone inlay technique, as seen within the dynamic geometric border of this pin/pendant. She's also utilized channel inlay where stones or shell are set with silver channels between them, as seen in the feathers surrounding the center Zuni Sunface. The Sunface element is inlaid stone-to-stone with red coral, pen shell, turquoise and gold lip mother-of-pearl.

The Zunis believe that the Sunface symbol is good luck, as it represents balance in life: traditionally, turquoise (blue) stands for Father Sky, coral (red) stands for Mother Earth, and mother-of-pearl shell (white) and jet (black) represent all the elements in balance. Artists use their creative license and often choose different colored stones or shells in their pieces. The Sunface is used as an offering or blessing from the artist in thanks for the medicine or spirit that it brings to us.

Signed by the artist. The silver snake chain is not included but is available and sold separately here.