Starry Night Lapis Lazuli Cuff Bracelet

By Larry Loretto

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Lapis lazuli has been a treasured semi-precious opaque gemstone throughout mankind's history. The ancient cultures of Egypt, China, Rome and Greece, among others, have used this colorful material in all sorts of ways. Archeologists have found objects such as furniture, jewelry and makeup that incorporate lapis. Artists of old have also used it in a ground down form, as vibrant paint. 

Larry Loretto's all handmade sterling silver and lapis lazuli inlaid cuff bracelet is glorious. The glistening golden pyrite flecks remind us of a starry night's sky in Zuni land. The quality of this cuff bracelet is wonderful. Bracelet's entire inner circumference is about 7" including the opening of about 1 1/2". It has a width of approximately 3/8". Signed by the artist.