Smokey Mother-Of-Pearl Dragonfly

By Danette Laate

Animal: Dragonfly, Material: Smokey Mother-Of-Pearl
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A dragonfly is an amazing aerialist inspiring mankind's advancements in aeronautics. As aquatic insects, they consume harmful mosquitoes and biting flies. Where there is water, there is life therefore these ancient creatures are traditionally recognized as a sign of water. Many Zuni Pueblo people will tell you that a dragonfly is a messenger who carries prayers. Acknowledging a dragonfly’s incredible design can awaken a spiritual appreciation. The ethereal beauty of a dragonfly’s iridescent wings can help us see past what we might perceive as a mundane existence, to the magnificent creative works all around us. Danette Laate's shimmering etched smokey mother-of-pearl Dragonfly has jet eyes and a lovely turquoise accents. About 1 3/4" long, 1 1/4" wide and 1/4" tall.

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