Single Strand Birds & Bears Turquoise Fetish Necklace

By Rosita Kaamasee

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George Cheechee Haloo (d) was an important innovator who started carving in the 1930's and was known for his fetish necklaces. Rosita Kaamasee comes from his line and carries on in the traditional art through her collectible fetish necklaces, honoring her family's legacy.

We're loving Rosita's gorgeous single strand turquoise fetish necklace consisting of many delightfully carved birds and Bears, strung with lovely baby olive snail heishe beads. Each fetish has expressive drilled eyes that have been darkened with jet paste. The airy bird's average 1" long, while the strong bears are about 3/4" long. The overall length of this must-have fetish necklace is about 28".