Shrew Wearing Favorite Insect Robe

By Troy Sice

Animal: Shrew, Material: Antler
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Troy Sice's antler shrew (or Mole) is a wonderful representation of this amazing mammal. Did you know a shrew is not a rodent but a member of an ancient Mammalian order "Insectivora"? These insect-eating creatures are incredible. In New Mexico, two species of shrews are on the state's endangered species list.

Troy's not-to-be-missed shrew is wearing its beloved shawl or robe of insects such as beetle and Spider friends. They are inlaid with colorful cabochons of turquoise, red coral, lapis, malachite, serpentine, abalone and spiny oyster, accented with inlaid jet legs. The robe or shawl is inlaid with a block border of pen shell, spiny oyster, varsicite, lapis and turquoise.

Looking towards the sky through pen shell eyes, this enchanting creature wears a necklace of turquoise, variscite, serpentine, lapis, red coral and pen shell. Its adorable nose is tipped off with a piece of red coral. Troy made beautiful use of this antler specimen by allowing the darker and porous area to accent this shrew's face, so cool.

About 3 1/4" tall, 1 1/2" wide and 1 1/8" deep.