Set Of Two Micaceous Mudhead Potteries

By Lee Moquino, Santa Clara

Animal: Mudhead, Material: Micaceous Clay
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Lee Moquino's set of two, all hand-formed micaceous clay and paint Mudheads are extraordinary. Micaceous clay is found in the northern Rio Grande areas of New Mexico. The natural firing markings can be seen on these Mudheads, making them even more gorgeous.

They glisten because of their naturally occurring mica flecks, and are adorned with feathers hung by cotton cords suspended around their ears. Black cloth neckerchiefs are added. One Mudhead has a single horn, while the other has two horns. They each are about 10" tall, 4 3/4" wide and 4 3/4" deep, signed by the artist. Extra shipping charges may apply.

If interested, they can be purchased separately, please inquire.