Set Of Six Directions

By Andres Quandelacy

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Zuni tradition teaches there are Six-Directions in life assigning a color and animal to each one. Long ago, the Father of Medicine Societies, Po-shai-an-kia, established predatory animals as guardians of the Six Directions, each associated with a different color. They are regarded as healing and protective.

We're honored to present a fabulous collection of animals making up Andres Quandelacy's set representing these sacred regions. White Wolf is carved from mother-of-pearl. Dolomite Mountain Lion is 2 1/4" long. Eagle is from Picasso marble. Badger is from spiny oyster shell. Jet Mole is 7/8" wide. Turquoise Bear is about 1 1/2" tall. Eyes are inlaid from either turquoise or red coral. A collectible grouping to cherish.

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