Self-Expressive Bushytail

By Robert Michael Weahkee

Animal: Bushytail, Material: Chrysocolla
This offering is sold.

A few strategically etched lines enhance the full tail of this chrysocolla canine (Fox, Wolf or Coyote) carved by Robert Michael Weahkee. He adores carving in antler so to see this departure of material is a treat. Chrysocolla is a copper-bearing mineral in the turquoise family. Occurring shades of blue and green are determined by the copper content. This stone is said to help in self-expression and turning this into action.

Red coral inlaid eyes are a stand-out against the assuring natural colors seen in this approximate 3 1/2" long, 7/8" wide and 1 3/8" tall bushytail fetish. Robert's known to attach exquisite offering bundles, such as this one of a gold lip shell point with aquamarine, quartz and turquoise beads.