Reversible Mother-Of-Pearl Bison & Friends Fetish Necklace

By Andres Quandelacy

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A collectible and reversible mother-of-pearl Bison pendant fetish necklace, about 26" in length, is strung with a double strand of lovely turquoise heishe and other colorful beads, by Andres Quandelacy. This bison has an inlaid turquoise heartline on either side, plus eyes and horns of inlaid turquoise, and measures about 2" long and 1 1/2" tall. Joining this bovine are friends such as Bear, bushytails (Wolf, Coyote or Fox), Mountain-lion, mountain sheep or ram, Mole, and Elk or Deer. They are carved from green turquoise, lapis, gold lip shell, serpentine, jet, malachite, and apple coral. They have inlaid eyes of either turquoise or red coral. This fabulous necklace comes with Andres Quandelacy's sterling silver signature label attached.