Reversible Buffalo Pendant Necklace

By Andres Quandelacy

Animal: Bison, Material: Mother-Of-Pearl
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A sense of serenity emanates from Andres Quandelacy's mother-of-pearl Bison reversible pendant necklace. Either side of this well-porportioned wearable fetish has an inlaid turquoise heartline and eyes. A beautifully carved "naja" or crescent shape on the buffalo pendant is a design the Quandelacy family is known for. They carve this naja right into the stone or shell's center, instead of attaching a metal bale. This style was started by Johnny Quam (d) and continued by his daughter Ellen Quandelacy (d) and right down the family line. Elegantly strung with many plump green turquoise, lapis lazuli and spiny oyster shell beads, Andres' collectible necklace is about 20" long and his sterling silver signature label is attached. The powerful bovine itself including the naja measures approximately 1 3/4" long, 2" wide and 1/2" deep.