Reversible Bear Fetish Pendant

By Herbert Halate

Animal: Bear, Material: Jet
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Herbert Halate's father was Leonard Halate (d) often referred to as "Old Man Halate". He was born in 1914, carving fetishes since he was a little boy. While herding sheep, he would find white stones and make bears, Wolves, Coyotes and water creatures. He learned from his uncle Ha-ta-pupu who taught him the basic skills. Leonard Halate also shared his knowledge of fetish carving with his children.

Herbert's jet Bear fetish pendant is created in a signature smooth style. Intelligent eyes are from turquoise inlays. Including the silver bale with nice turquoise beads, measurements are about 1 3/4" tall, 2" wide and 5/8" deep. Prepare yourself for the compliments you'll receive wearing this fabulous pendant. The nice silver snake chain is not included but is available and sold separately here.

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