Revelation Of Time Medicine Bear

By Farlan & Paulette Quam

Animal: Bear, Material: Fossil Stone
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Paulette and Farlan Quam's bears are wonderful because they capture the essence and spirit within these amazing animals. This husband and wife team descend from the greater Andrew Emerson Quam (d) and Bossie Quam (d) family of Zuni carvers.

Using a unique fossiliferous stone they have created the most intriguing Medicine-bear with turquoise inlaid eyes. While most of this stone is smooth to the touch with fossils just under the surface, there is a section on one side where the fossils within rise above the surface and appear in relief as if those tiny creatures that lived so many millions of years ago are now revealing themselves to us in this time. A very special medicine indeed. About 3" long, 1" wide, and 2 3/4" tall.

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