Rain Priest Frog

By Ray Tsalate

Animal: Frog, Material: Antler
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Ray Tsalate has presented Keshi with a masterwork: a Rain Priest Frog carved from a slice of Elk crown antler obtained during a yearly Shalako celebration.

Holding a copper staff and wearing a blanket inlaid with a lovely, incised parrot of crushed pipestone, lapis and jet paste, this amphibian observes its world through eyes of inlaid lion's paw shell. The inlaid parrot has an eye of gold lip shell and pen shell. Many pieces of turquoise, red coral, malachite, lapis, pipestone, sugilite, pen shell and jet accent this frog's face.

With burnt out details and inlaid turquoise accents on the moccasins of this collectible Frog, he stands 3 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" wide and 3" deep.