"Rain Forest Priest: Kayapo Cacique" Pin/Pendant

By Gomeo Bobelu

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Gomeo Bobelu is an extraordinary artist with an amazing worldview and understanding. His latest offering is this significant sterling silver "Rain Forest Priest: Kayapo Cacique" pin/pendant, inspired of the indigenous Brazilian religious and environmental leader Chief Raoni. 

Gomeo hand-fabricated sterling silver to beautifully inlay hand-carved sections of fossilized ivory, turquoise, black lip shell and spiny oyster shell. This important pin/pendant is a tribute to the Kayapo Cacique who is a living symbol, a leader who's been fighting to protect the inherent rights and rainforest lands of his people. 

About 4 1/4" tall and 1" wide, signed by the artist. The silver hammered collar is sold separately and available here.