Pyrogravure Buck Wall Hanging

By Cameron Kalestewa

Animal: Deer, Material: Wood
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Cameron Kalestewa's male Deer wall hanging is a handsome woodwork intricately burnt out in the pyrogravure art technique. This involves burning a design with a heated object on a surface, like this gorgeous slab of pinewood. An evergreen forest colored with nice green acrylics, finds a feathered friend soaring high above, as a strong buck emerges surrounded by a striking border designed with arrowheads, arrows, tracks and feathers. The buck's ears appear furry and soft, thanks to Cameron's pyrogravure skills. Crushed turquoise is inlaid near a lovely beaded loop provided to facilitate a suspension if desired. It's equally gorgeous laying flat. About 8 1/2" long and 6" wide. The beaded loop is approximately 1". Signed by the artist.

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