Playful Jaguar Cub

By Silvan Panteah

Animal: Jaguar, Material: Travertine
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A juvenile jaguar plays at pouncing, a skill that will be necessary in a bout two years when it grows into adulthood and mom is no longer around to provide. Jaguars are a slightly smaller cousin to the Mountain-lion.  While their historic range is shrinking they can still be found as far south as Brazil and north into New Mexico and Arizona where three individuals have been spotted as recently as this year. 

Silvan Panteah chose the perfect stone for this lively youngster, spotted travertine. He carved a fluffy ruff around a friendly and fun loving expression set off by bright eyes of inlaid turquoise. At about 2 3/4" long and 1 1/4" tall this furry friend is ready to come home with you.

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