"Pine Bark" Mokume Gane Link Bracelet

By Franklin Carrillo, Laguna

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The fabulous metalworking procedure "Mokume-gane" was originally used for swords, developed by Denbei Shoami in the 17th-century, Japan. The word "Mokume-gane" translates closely to "wood grained metal". 

Master jeweler Franklin Carrillo of Laguna Pueblo is known for his high-quality and dynamic creations. Here he's utilized this incredible metalworking technique in his "Pine Bark" Mokume-gane box link bracelet.

We see combined layers of gorgeous sterling silver and beneficial copper to create this amazing wood-grain effect. On either side of these hand-fabricated boxes are inlays of choice materials like charoite, coral, jet, precious sugilite, shell, turquoise, malachite, lapis, mother-of-pearl, variscite, gold lip shell, spiny oyster shell and rich fossilized ivory. 

The overall length of this collectible link bracelet is about 7 1/2" including the box clasp. The width is about 7/8". Signed by the artist.