With A Patient Heart

By Rickson Kallestewa

Animal: Bear, Material: Alabaster
This offering is sold.

Rickson Kallestewa's carvings are whimsical, different and simply fabulous! His latest offering is this Bear on a base, along with an offering jar all carved from alabaster. This luscious bear looks to the skies with jet darkened eyes and patiently dances for the blessing of rain. The offering jar is decorated with rain clouds, lighting and a flute playing figure. The incised decorations are filled in with jet, pipestone or turquoise paste to make them stand out agains the alabaster stone. The bear is also accented with a small arrow point of pink mussel shell tied to the back. All together this piece measures about 3 7/8" tall including base, 4" long by 2 1/4" deep.