Owl With Old Style Bobcat On Blanket

By Ray Tsalate

Animal: Owl, Material: Antler
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Ray Tsalate's antler Owl is a showpiece, about 5 5/8" tall, 1 1/4" deep and 4 7/8" long, with an incredibly inlaid and incised old-style Bobcat on its blanket. This feline is masterfully done with a black lip shell face, ears, paws and a bobbed tail, a red coral tongue, a turquoise eye, orange spiny oyster shell, jet and pipestone. This specimen of antler is superb as it's naturally wide. Ray burnt out this raptor's feathers and traditional boots, and inlaid them turquoise accents. This owl's alert eyes are of inlaid gold lip shell and pen shell, while its beak is of black lip shell. Don't miss this museum quality treasure!