Overseer Owl With Corn Maidens

By Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez

Animal: Owl, Material: Labradorite
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Nestled within a protective Owl's bosom are two contended Corn Maidens each with heavenly faces of overlaid pink mussel shell. Their lovely facial features are incised and darkened with jet paste. Colorful embellishments of turquoise and red coral adorn their Corn bodies. Layers upon layers of plush plumage are incised on this grand owl by Kateri Quandelacy Sanchez. Expressive eyes of inlaid jet in gold lip shell speak volumes of the wisdom and discernment these great raptor's possess. This chunk of labradorite is out of this world, just glowing with green, yellow and blue hues. About 3 3/4" tall, 3 1/2" wide and 2 1/4" deep.