Ocean Diving Whale Of Marble & Fish Rock Serpentine

By Keli'i Eli, Zuni-Hawaiian

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Keli'i Eli's latest offering is this expertly sculpted marble whale permanently mounted on a base of fish rock serpentine. This marine mammal's eyes and blowhole are inlaid with turquoise. In addition, Keli'i inlaid turquoise elements throughout the carving, and incised the flippers and the eye areas. The folds that line a whale’s throat from under its mouth to its stomach, are referred to as “rorqual” or “furrow-bellied” and are also incised. With no detail left unattended, this one-of-a-kind and inspiring carving measures about 6 1/2" long, 5" tall, and 3 1/4" wide, including base.