Natural Turquoise Healing Bear

By Robin's Collection

Animal: Bear, Material: Turquoise
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Having been a big fan of Saul Yuselew’s carving since the 80’s, Robin bought everything he ever offered her or Keshi. His bears were always kept in a special place in the shop for people who needed them. Saul was a carver but more importantly, he was a “presser”. He healed people in Zuni with his hands, traditional Zuni healing still used today. He did make other animals but his bears were always in demand because of the healing properties Zunis ascribe to Bear. This bear looks like a later piece of Saul’s when his grandchildren would help him as he lost his eyesight. The turquoise has the appearance of Mine #8 turquoise with the brown matrix so beautifully present throughout the piece. 2 1/4" long and 7/8" tall.