Natural Turquoise Fetish Necklace

By Eddington Hannaweeke

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Eddington Hannaweeke's single strand fetish necklace is composed of elegantly carved creatures such as Mountain-lion, Bobcat, crested birds, Hummingbirds, perhaps woodland creatures like chipmunk and squirrel, Fox, Wolf and Coyote. The center winged Eagle measures approximately 1 1/2" by 1" wide. Eddington utilized hard to find natural turquoise to make each animal extra special. They have wonderful details varying from plumage, long tails, crested heads and perked ears. Expressive eyes are from inlaid jet. Fine baby olive heishe beads are strung with this brilliant array of collectible creatures that average 1 1/2" long in size. Eddington's sterling silver signature label is attached. The overall necklace length is about 27".

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