Mosaic Mother Bear & Little Cub

By Jayne Quam, Diné

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Bears give birth during their seasonal torpor or hibernation. The family winters together in a warm and cozy den, waking in the spring to explore, learn, teach and eat. Sometimes cubs will spend up to 3 years with their mothers. The protective parent is creatively inlaid with a mosaic of colorful materials such as crushed azurite, mother-of-pearl, serpentine, purple spiny oyster shell, lapis, turquoise, abalone, rainbow calsilica, phosphosiderite and vermillion marble. The serpentine mother Bear and the marble cub each have eyes from turquoise inlays. Together they measure about 2 1/4" long, 1 1/4" wide and 1 1/8" tall, by Jayne Quam.

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