Mosaic Foraging Fish

By Brian Yatsattie

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Since bodies of water, such as ponds, streams and lakes cool off as weather conditions change to a colder environment, many fish seek to fatten up in the autumn months. No longer is it their concern to keep cool from the summer's heat, but to hunt prey in waters that may have been too hot before. 

Adeptly moving about, prolific and collectible carver Brian Yatsattie's masterful mosaic fish or perhaps a trout, is in hunting mode. It navigates it watery home via drilled eyes. A stunning mosaic of turquoise, shell segments and jet paste are gorgeously overlaid on a bed of abalone. The shimmering abalone side also has inlays of jet paste and shell pieces. The hits of red-orange shell along the top of this approximate 5 5/8" long, 2" tall and 1" wide with curvature, fish are fantastically colorful. This water creature is fabulous viewed from either side.

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