"Mermaid Maiden" Of Abalone On Jet Base

By Vickie Quandelacy

Animal: Maiden, Material: Abalone
This offering is sold.

Vickie Quandelacy's "Mermaid Maiden" is thoughtfully carved of a curvaceous piece of glistening abalone, incised with gorgeous details like Dragonfly friends and stars. There are two maidens seen within this work. Both maiden's wear a traditional tablita headdress, and one has an incised corn body. One maiden wears an inlaid necklace of pen shell with turquoise and red coral. They're inlaid with colorful accents like lapis, turquoise and red coral. Nestled within this piece of abalone is a corn cob offering, one carved of mother-of-pearl, one of black lip shell, one of turquoise and one of melon shell. Vickie also overlaid a Zuni Sunface symbol of pen shell, pink mussel shell and turquoise within this area. This "Mermaid Maiden" piece is permanently secured to a base of crushed turquoise on jet. About 6 1/2" long, 2 3/4" deep and 6" tall.