Many Animals Of Turquoise Single Strand Fetish Necklace

By Eddington Hannaweeke

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Eddington Hannaweeke's sensational single strand fetish necklace is composed of many gorgeous animals, carved of turquoise from various mines, and strung with fine heishe shell beads. First off, we see a center Mountain-lion, about 1 1/2" long and 1/2" tall. Eddington also added animals such as bird, Badger, Bobcat, fish, Mountain-lion, Bear, Turtle, Frog, Bison, bushytail (Fox, Wolf or Coyote). Animals average in length from about 3/4" to 1 3/8", and each have their own sweet personality and jet inlaid eyes! Overall necklace length is about 28", slightly adjustable, and comes with Eddington's sterling silver signature label attached.