"Maneuvering Through Obstacles" Overlay Cuff Bracelet

By Abraham Peina

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Abraham Peina is an inventive and refreshing artist creating one of a kind jewelry. His father is carver Larry Peina and his mother is jeweler Charlotte Poblano Peina. Abraham's latest offering is a meaningful sterling silver "Maneuvering Through Obstacles" cuff bracelet. We love the overlay presentation with flowing curves and lines. Traditional overlay jewelry is achieved with two pieces of silver soldered together. The top layer has a beautifully balanced design that is cut out by hand. When the design is finished, the top layer is soldered to the second layer of silver, allowing the design to show through the open areas. The contrast is outstanding. The lovely cuff bracelet's entire inner circumference is approximately 7 1/4" including the opening of about 1 1/2". The width is roughly 1 3/8". Signed by the artist. Please click here for help in determining wrist measurements and best fit.

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