Malachite Single Strand Fetish Necklace With Birds & Bears

By Rosita Kaamasee

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A festive occasion has brought many feathered friends and Bears together in this fabulous single strand fetish necklace by Rosita Kaamasee. Each animal is lovingly carved from pleasing malachite that's said to alleviate negativity and boost one's immunity. The natural green color alone is so energizing to gaze upon. The birds average 1 1/8" long, while the bears are about 3/4" long. Their expressive eyes are from coral. Overall necklace length is approximately 30", strung with exquisite rich brown heishe shell beads which compliment the malachite beautifully.

Rosita Kaamasee is a Zuni elder who descends from the greater George Cheechee Haloo (d) family of Zuni artists. George was an important artist who started carving in the 1930's and was known for his fetish necklaces. Rosita's fetish necklaces are sought after.