Magnificent Moose

By Jonas Hustito

Animal: Moose, Material: Picasso Marble
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Due to logging, hunting and climate change, moose populations have declined in Canada and surrounding areas. Tribal Elders from the Anishinaabe Nation have been working with Québec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to stop issuing moose hunting permits in La Vérendrye, Canada as an aerial survey in recent years revealed the moose population has dropped to alarming percentages. Moose are essential ecosystem engineers who strongly impact forest health from species composition and nutrient availability. Jonas Hustito's magnificent moose has been sculpted from Picasso marble and has amazing pen shell horns. Eyes are from twinkling cultured opal inlays. Jonas incised his initials on the rump area of this approximately 3" long, 5/8" wide and 2" tall long-headed member of the Deer family.

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