Lucin Variscite Iguana

By Kelií Eli, Zuni-Hawaiian

Animal: Iguana, Material: Lucin Variscite
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Iguanas are social and long-lived Lizards. In the wild, Caribbean rock iguanas Cyclura are one of the most endangered. They suffered tremendously when colonizers settled on tropical islands and began large-scale habitat destruction removing many of the plants they feed on.

Keli'i Eli's phenomenal iguana is realistic, so much so that it could almost get up and walk around. Carved from rare Lucin variscite, this striking stone is in the turquoise family, a beautiful variety found in Utah. It is beloved for a refreshing color and prized because it's no longer mined there. This wonderful tiger's eyed reptile is detailed with an incredible dewlap which is a patch of skin hanging under the chin and throat, a dorsal crest, a long tail and gripping toes with capable claws. Measurements of this masterwork are approximately 3" long, 2 1/4" wide and 3" tall.

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