Layers Of Meaning Medicine Bear

By Delvin Leekya

Animal: Bear, Material: Serpentine
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This beautifully carved Bear would be a welcome addition to, or beginning of, any collection! With an offering of pink mussel shell and turquoise offering and engaging eyes of inlaid turquoise, it measures about 2 1/8" long and 1 3/8" tall. This interesting interpretation of a Medicine-bear is a little different in that the back is not carved in a high arch but in a squared off curve. With its nose to the ground, the spots and striations remind us of layers of earth. Perhaps this Medicine Bear is reminding us of the value in exploring the layers of our experiences.

Delvin's grandfather was renowned Zuni carver Leekya Deyuse (d). Leekya has been the family's surname for quite a while because Leekya had asked his children to use his first name as their last name, when they started school. Apparently there were a lot of people named Deyuse back then. Delvin and his brothers Freddie and Hayes, continue in their grandfather's carving legacy, and now their children are following the family tradition.

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