Kingman Turquoise & Amber Six Direction Fetish Necklace

By Ernie Mackel III

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A lovely grouping of hand-carved Kingman turquoise animals are strung on this double-strand of incredible amber, orange spiny oyster shell and turquoise beads. This fetish necklace represents the Six-Directions that Zuni Pueblo people recognize. They assign a color and animal to each.

The directional animals are Wolf that measures about 1 3/4", Mountain Lion about 2", an Eagle at about 1 3/8", a Badger about 2" long, a Mole that's about 1 1/2", and a Bear coming in at about 1 3/4". The animal's have inlaid eyes of jet, and each one has conveys a unique personality. The overall length of this extraordinary necklace by Ernie Mackel III, is about 30".