Winter Coat Badger

By Keshi The Zuni Connection

Animal: Badger, Material: Serpentine
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Nestled in its underground den, badger dons a cozy coat full of bright colors. The warmth and bright colors remind badger of all the fun that is to come in the spring. Jayne Quam's colorful Badger of serpentine with dark spots of augite is amazingly overlaid with colorful materials like  rainbow calsilica, spiny oyster shell as well as both blue and Mojave green turquoises. Jayne has an incredible eye for color as well as a talent for using the natural shapes of the materials to create magnificent designs in the mosaic. This cozy little low rider has bright eyes of inlaid turquoise and measures about 3" long, 1 1/4" wide by 1" tall.

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