Home Is Where The Heart Is Turtle

By David Chavez Jr.

Animal: Turtle, Material: Watermelon Serpentine
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Measuring about 2 1/4" long, 1 1/4" wide by 5/8" tall, David Chavez Jr.'s juicy watermelon serpentine Turtle can be universally interpreted as representing a laid back attitude, going with the flow. Working with the currents of your life rather that using up unnecessary energy to fight against the flow. Turtle is also significant because it carries its home (or shell) along for the journey, able to tuck in at a moment's notice, in the face of danger or a just an afternoon nap. In this, turtle can represent an ability to make any place feel like home. Even if you are far from family, friends and familiar surroundings. An added layer to this interpretation can also extend to feeling at home within yourself. An ability to carry the comfort, security and confidence within where ever you may roam.

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