Grow Together

By Ryan Awelagte

Animal: Bear, Material: Septarian Nodule
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With its nose to the wind and its body leaning forward this Bear is looking bravely forward to the future. Ryan Awelagte used septarian nodule with intricate calcite inclusions that complement the offering bundle of turquoise amber and shell beads he has given as an offering of thanks to the spirit of the bear. Often geologist interchange the word "concretion" in place of nodule. A word that in Latin carries the meaning "grow together". The term refers to the development of the differing sections of the septarian stone but in combination with this special carving can be a wonderful reminder of our ability to grow together by supporting one another and sharing our nurturing strength. This beautiful bear has turquoise inlaid eyes and measures about 3 5/8" long, 1 1/4" wide by 2" tall.