Grandmother With Sunface

By Andres Lementino

Animal: Grandmother, Material: Marble
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With a warm shawl over her head, Andres Lementino's approximate 6" tall, 2" wide and 1 1/4" deep Grandmother (or maiden) is soothing in presence and wisdom. Her traditional dress is inlaid with a turquoise, jet, orange spiny oyster shell and mother-of-pearl Zuni Sunface symbol, which represents the elements in balance. The flaps of her shawl are stunningly inlaid with a jet, turquoise, sugilite and spiny oyster shell design. A turquoise inlaid naja-style necklace adorns her. Peaceful eyes are of turquoise and a spiny oyster shell inlay represents her mouth. Incised bangs frame her sculpted face, plus turquoise and spiny oyster shell earrings are added. Andres' skill with the stone to stone inlay method is evident in this marble fetish with so feminine strength and beauty.